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Your Duvet Could Be Killing You! What Folks Need to Know

PeopleImages/iStock That supersoft, down-filled bedding you’ve been looking forward to staying warm under all winter long could be the death of you. No, we’re not kidding. A Scottish man almost died after sleeping for three months under a new duvet, according to a case study recently published in the medical journal BMJ. Martin Taylor, 43, […] Continue reading →

How Long Can This Economic Recovery Last?

The economy is currently experiencing the longest recovery in our nation’s history. The stock market has hit record highs, while unemployment rates are at record lows. Home price appreciation is beginning to reaccelerate. This begs the question: How long can this economic recovery last? The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Survey of Economists recently called for […] Continue reading →

P.U.! Why Open-Concept Bathrooms Could Spread to a Home Near You

realtor.com; Lisa-Blue/iStock Open-concept floor plans are all the rage in real estate. Walls are crumbling left and right to make way for open-concept kitchens and free-flowing living-dining areas. But how would you feel about an open-concept bathroom? Are restrooms without walls—or doors—the next big trend in homes? Possibly, if a recent rental listing in Philadelphia […] Continue reading →

New Arizona Development Bans Residents From Bringing Cars

Hugo Render/Opticos Design Inc A $140 million Arizona development is banning residents from bringing their own cars in favor of scooters, bikes and ride-sharing, testing demand for a new type of walkable neighborhood. The 1,000-person rental community, which broke ground this month in Tempe, won’t allow residents to park cars on site or in the […] Continue reading →

Buyers Are Looking Now. Are You Ready to List Your Home?

Inventory on the market today is low, especially among existing homes in the entry and middle-level tiers of the market. It is hovering well below the 6-month supply typically found in a more normal market, as shown in the graph below: With inventory being one of the biggest housing market challenges today, finding a starter […] Continue reading →

Beauty on a Budget! 10 Victorians Priced Under $150K

realtor.com Victorian homes in the United States have been wildly popular since the late 1800s, precisely because they are built to last. The rise of mass production of modular building parts, delivered by rail, enabled Americans around the turn of the century to create their own unique home designs, riffing on the Victorian blueprint. As […] Continue reading →

Expert Advice: 3 Benefits to Owning a Home

Success is something often worth repeating, and Brent Sutherland, a Certified Financial Planner and Real Estate Investor, has certainly made his way in a momentum-driving direction. Here are 3 tips he shares from a recent piece in Business Insider on the benefits of owning real estate: 1. Real estate diversifies your income “While it is […] Continue reading →

8 Best Black Friday Deals to Get Your Home Holiday-Ready

Black Friday is known for frenetic crowds, deep price cuts, and stress-inducing lines—but it’s all worth it when you snag a screaming deal on something you’ve been eyeing all year, right? And with the holiday season in full swing, there’s just so much a home needs to get decked out and ready for guests. Plus, […] Continue reading →