Here’s How Much Home Staging Can Pay Off for Sellers

gerenme/iStock Home sellers have a lot to worry about: Will anyone want to buy their property for its full asking price? How long will it take to find a buyer? Is it really worth the expense and trouble of staging a home to boost its desirability with buyers? “Heck yes” is the answer to that […] Continue reading →

The Best Week of the Year to Put Your House on the Market Is…

kiddy0265/iStock For the past few years, home sellers have been in the driver’s seat. With hordes of buyers fighting over a very limited supply of properties, many homes sold in days—and landed their sellers a windfall. But lately, sellers have been getting nostalgic for the good ol’ days as the market has slowed down, with […] Continue reading →

Britain’s Brexit Mess Could Hit the U.S. Housing Market

iStock; Britain may be across the “pond” from America, but the growing chaos around Brexit, Britain’s planned departure from the European Union, is expected to have global ramifications—and the U.S. real estate market won’t be immune from them. On Wednesday, Britain’s Parliament voted not to leave the EU without a deal in place that […] Continue reading →

A 3-D-Printed Family Home? A Texas Startup Says It Can Deliver

Julia Robinson for The Wall Street Journal AUSTIN, Texas—A Texas startup says it will be able to use a 3-D printer to churn out a concrete house within days by year-end, a technology that has the potential to help solve housing shortages but faces regulatory and technical hurdles. “It’s no longer a science project,” said […] Continue reading →