Wait! Are You Buying a House Contaminated With Meth?

Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images The nation’s drug epidemic is generating some unexpected side effects for unlucky home buyers who find that their new property is contaminated with methamphetamine, a problem that is a health risk and is costly to fix. Sellers in just over half of states are legally bound to disclose […] Continue reading →

Why More People Are Leaving New York Than Any Other State

monkeybusinessimages/iStock In 2017, with a baby on the way, Lia LoBello Reynolds and Colin Reynolds realized staying in the city wasn’t feasible and commuting to and from the suburbs each day wasn’t a life they wanted. The couple got new jobs in Pennsylvania and bought a home in a small town 27 miles west of […] Continue reading →

Boomer Boomtowns: America’s 10 Fastest-Growing Retirement Hot Spots

realtor.com There has never been a generation quite as consequential as the baby boomers. They forever transformed music and politics, ushered in the computer era, pioneered fanciful notions like free love, recreational drugs, Amazon.com, and Hot Pockets. So what do they do for an encore?  Completely reshape retirement. Get ready for a graying tsunami: Nearly […] Continue reading →