A Bungalow Doesn’t Have to Be Small! 9 Jumbo Bungalows for Sale

realtor.com It sounds like an oxymoron, but jumbo bungalows do exist. These darling dwellings of over 2,000 square feet feature Craftsman detailing just like their cozy smaller sibs—there’s just more space to spread out. These big bungalows expand on the notion that a bungalow should have only two or three bedrooms. They’re ideal for a […] Continue reading →

Exploding Refrigerator? A Hidden Home Hazard—and Why It Happens

saravuth-photohut/iStock Here’s a home mystery we’ll bet will leave you either sweating in fear or scratching your head: Why would a refrigerator explode? It seems far-fetched, yet in West Palm Beach, FL, Mark Ligondie recently woke to a huge kaboom in his kitchen. When he rushed in to see what had happened, he found his family’s 4-month-old fridge […] Continue reading →

The Top 10 Upgrades to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Katrina Wittkamp for The Wall Street Journal Want to know what it takes to sell a luxury home in a softening market? Ask Anh-Tuan and April Truong. In the fall, Dr. Truong, a cosmetic surgeon, and Ms. Truong, a stay-at-home mother to their two children, sold their 3,200-square-foot townhome in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood for […] Continue reading →

The 10 Surprising Housing Markets Poised to Rule in 2019

realtor.com Going into the new year, just about everyone has heard the big news: The real estate market is slowing down. Crazy annual price spikes are waning, more properties are hitting the market, and there are fewer buyers to compete with. Everyone is wondering what that means for 2019. Will all long-frustrated, aspiring homeowners finally be able […] Continue reading →

New Year, New Homes! 9 Just-Built Houses Waiting for Their First Owners

istock; realtor.com The new year offers the ideal opportunity for change. Whether it’s a new climate, new job, or new school district you’re after, you also might want to consider one crucial new element—a home’s construction. New homes offer numerous benefits for homeowners—from the latest and greatest in green building techniques to modern amenities and […] Continue reading →