First-Time Home Buyer Hell: Their Biggest Mistakes and Regrets

BartekSzewczyk/iStock Life is full of regrets. There are those unfortunate fashion choices, such as shoulder pads, hammer pants, and the mullet. There’s your crazy ex. (What were you thinking?) And then there’s everything you did wrong when you bought your first home. The biggest regret of first-time home buyers was that their new abodes turned […] Continue reading →

Do Drug Treatment Facilities Really Lower Property Values? Finally, an Answer

John Moore/Getty Images As the opioid crisis rages on, those affected struggle to find treatment. One potential reason? People don’t want rehab centers in their backyards. The arrival of a substance-abuse treatment center in a new neighborhood can spark protests, heated city hall meetings, and other attempts to block developments. Some homeowners believe the introduction of substance-abuse treatment […] Continue reading →

A Bungalow Doesn’t Have to Be Small! 9 Jumbo Bungalows for Sale It sounds like an oxymoron, but jumbo bungalows do exist. These darling dwellings of over 2,000 square feet feature Craftsman detailing just like their cozy smaller sibs—there’s just more space to spread out. These big bungalows expand on the notion that a bungalow should have only two or three bedrooms. They’re ideal for a […] Continue reading →