The True Cost of Not Owning Your Home

There are great advantages to owning a home, yet many people continue to rent. The financial benefits are just some of the reasons why homeownership has been a part of the long-standing American dream. reported that: “Buying remains the more attractive option in the long term – that remains the American dream, and it’s […] Continue reading →

7 Reasons to List Your House This Holiday Season

Around this time each year, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to list their houses. Similarly, others who already have their homes on the market remove their listings until the spring. Let’s unpack the top reasons why listing your house now or keeping it on the market this winter may be the […] Continue reading →

Where the 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand on Affordable Housing

Alex Wong/Getty Images Housing hasn’t traditionally been a hot topic in presidential elections, but with homeownership financially out of reach for many Americans, the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination have been eager to discuss the issue. On Thursday night, candidates on the debate stage answered a question about affordable housing for the first time this election […] Continue reading →

The Cost Across Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights: With interest rates around 3.66%, now is a great time to look back at where they’ve been over the past few decades. Comparatively, they’re pretty low! According to Freddie Mac, rates are projected to increase to 3.9% by this time next year. The impact your interest rate has on your monthly mortgage payment […] Continue reading →

Your Duvet Could Be Killing You! What Folks Need to Know

PeopleImages/iStock That supersoft, down-filled bedding you’ve been looking forward to staying warm under all winter long could be the death of you. No, we’re not kidding. A Scottish man almost died after sleeping for three months under a new duvet, according to a case study recently published in the medical journal BMJ. Martin Taylor, 43, […] Continue reading →

How Long Can This Economic Recovery Last?

The economy is currently experiencing the longest recovery in our nation’s history. The stock market has hit record highs, while unemployment rates are at record lows. Home price appreciation is beginning to reaccelerate. This begs the question: How long can this economic recovery last? The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Survey of Economists recently called for […] Continue reading →

P.U.! Why Open-Concept Bathrooms Could Spread to a Home Near You; Lisa-Blue/iStock Open-concept floor plans are all the rage in real estate. Walls are crumbling left and right to make way for open-concept kitchens and free-flowing living-dining areas. But how would you feel about an open-concept bathroom? Are restrooms without walls—or doors—the next big trend in homes? Possibly, if a recent rental listing in Philadelphia […] Continue reading →

New Arizona Development Bans Residents From Bringing Cars

Hugo Render/Opticos Design Inc A $140 million Arizona development is banning residents from bringing their own cars in favor of scooters, bikes and ride-sharing, testing demand for a new type of walkable neighborhood. The 1,000-person rental community, which broke ground this month in Tempe, won’t allow residents to park cars on site or in the […] Continue reading →