To Help Revive Downtown, Detroit Looks Beyond a Failed Jail

Google Maps DETROIT—A site on the edge of this city’s downtown sat for years with a half-built jail behind a chain-link fence, a remnant of the city’s prebankruptcy corruption and mismanagement. Now, it is getting new life. On Wednesday, city leaders plan to unveil a $300 million project on 14 acres that will include a […] Continue reading →

Modern Farmhouse Is Officially Over—and Here’s What’s Taken Its Place

oneillbro/iStock; The modern farmhouse style, popularized by Chip and Joanna Gaines on “Fixer Upper,” is at long last losing its luster among homeowners. So what’s taking its place? Its more urban cousin: industrial farmhouse! That’s according to new research by Wayfair Professional in partnership with Pinterest, where they tracked which materials and finishes people […] Continue reading →

We Dare You to Ring the Doorbell on These 10 Terrifying Houses We’re not chicken! We would definitely trick-or-treat at any one of the 10 houses on this list. It’s just that, well, you should go first. It’s not the fault of these homes that they appear haunted. It’s just that old and run-down homes, especially Victorians, have been used in popular culture for decades as […] Continue reading →