The Terrible Truth About This ‘Viral’ $7K Tiny House on Amazon Amazon—the mega-retailer delivering everything from books to blenders, at blinding speed—has recently begun hawking a new type of product that’s apparently selling like hotcakes: tiny houses. The site’s latest tiny house sensation is the Allwood Solvalla—a 172-square-foot abode (shown above) priced at a mere $7,250. The manufacturer claims it can be built by two adults […] Continue reading →

Millennial Home Buyers Might Never Come Knocking

zoranm/iStock More than a decade has passed since the financial crisis hit, yet the housing market remains in a deep funk. Fear not: A wave of millennial buyers is about to hit the scene. Right? One of the weirder things about the current economic recovery is how little housing has contributed to it. Unlike past […] Continue reading →

7 Luxury Homes in Winter Getaways That Are Even Better in Summer Conventional wisdom once held that you bought a vacation home in Colorado, Montana, Vermont, or Utah to ski. And that’s still partly true. But these popular winter home destinations have also morphed into vibrant spots once the snow melts. Summer activities like hiking, mountain biking, outdoor concerts, and fly-fishing are all reasons for owners […] Continue reading →

A $1,000 Monthly Mortgage Is Real—in These 10 Bargain Cities

iStock; Get ready for yet another housing milestone: For the first time, median home list prices have topped $300,000 in America. And with that comes a steady rise in mortgage prices—median home loans have grown 19.7%, to $229,000, over the past five years, according to a® analysis of Optimal Blue mortgage data. But here’s […] Continue reading →