Do You Dare Enter Any of These 10 Abandoned Homes for Sale? For those committed to the spooky spirit of Halloween, we’ve managed to scare up 10 abandoned homes currently for sale. We’re well aware that none of these homes are what most would call “beautiful”—in fact, many of us would only walk inside on a double-dog dare. However, this is the time of year to […] Continue reading →

America’s 10 Best Places to Raise a Family—Without Going Broke

Saklakova/iStock Here’s what Mom and Dad never told you: Parenthood involves a staggering, surreal, and often stressful amount of change—all at once! Late-night feedings carve into your beauty rest. Happy hours at the craft cocktail bar morph into play dates at the playground. Strange objects like the Diaper Genie (look it up) and Lego Death […] Continue reading →