Drew Barrymore’s Line of Kids Furniture Is So Cute It Hurts—and It’s Full of Surprises

Tim Hunter / Newspix via Getty Images Drew Barrymore has released a kids’ furniture line that’s genius for an insanely simple reason: It actually looks like kids’ furniture. Called Flower Kids, the line of 100-plus beds, dressers, and other furnishings (available exclusively at Walmart and its partners Jet and Hayneedle) bucks the prevailing trend where […] Continue reading →

America’s 10 Hottest Neighborhoods, 2019 Edition

San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles? Thank u, next! As it turns out, this year’s most sought-after neighborhoods are not those nestled in the nation’s biggest, most famous cities where home prices are just about as high as the skyscrapers. Instead, the hottest ZIP codes are found in substantially less renowned places in the much-more […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Affordable Lake Towns, 2019: Splashy Waterfront Retreats for Cheap!

iStock; realtor.com With all due respect to ocean lovers, there’s something unique and mysteriously seductive about lakeside living. The serenity. The fresh water. Those amazing docks! The buoyant boating and tipsy tubing. The pronounced lack of great whites and squishy jellyfish. And—get ready for it—the relative affordability. Because you don’t need to be a gazillionaire […] Continue reading →