New Crop of Luxury College Residences Earns an A-Plus for Amenities

Gensler/Ryan Gobuty Forget dingy dorm rooms with communal bathrooms (if you can). Today’s college students are living the good life with amenities such as rooftop pools, private theaters, gaming rooms, and even fully wired outdoor terraces with grilling stations and cabanas. The building boom in housing complexes across the country is extending to universities, offering resort-style living […] Continue reading →

Nurturing Nature With Architecture

Evan Kaufman for The Wall Street Journal When Marti and Tom Burbeck were designing their new four-bedroom home in Ann Arbor, Mich., they went to extreme measures, spending five years and what contractors estimate was $3.5 million to achieve as natural and healthy an environment as possible. To make sure none of the materials they […] Continue reading →

The Top Real Estate Market for Home Buyers Is What?

Sean Pavone/iStock Good news for buyers: The days of frenzied bidding wars, insanely high offers over asking, and buying a home sight unseen may be coming to an end in certain parts of the country. And as the real estate slowdown continues, things are shifting, and seller’s markets are turning into buyer’s markets. The top […] Continue reading →

8 Great Homes on the Market You Can Buy Right Now With Bitcoin; iStock Although bitcoin isn’t quite as hot as it was in late 2017, it’s still accepted by savvy sellers who crave crypto. Prior to the cryptocurrency crash of 2018, a Texas home purchased with bitcoin made headlines. The seller accepted the digital currency and then simply converted it into dollars, which can be done […] Continue reading →